mandag den 17. januar 2011

Drabble #6

The young girl hides, sneaking cigarettes in her old tree-house, watching dark silhouettes in the window, illuminated by flickering candlelight. Philosophical nothing tossed imperiously across oak tables and old wine. The chill creeps in through her jacket and the sound of her shaking breath is loud in the silence. Raised eyebrows and overbearing smiles. She wonders when she will become that person, educated and superior, with a taste for expensive drinks and designer shoes. She promises herself, with youthful naïveté that she will never become her parents. But she is old enough to know a lie when she sees one.

torsdag den 2. december 2010

Drabble #5

His heart tells stories, as it beats against my hand. I sing along to them, and he laughs at my silliness. The world howls through the cracks in the windows, and we drown it out with crackling fires and laughter that’s too loud. I ignore the strain in his smile, and the knots in my stomach. I sleep uneasy, but we don’t speak of it. The snow melts slowly, and our walls melt with it. He grips my hands harder, and the stories in his chest run faster than I can follow.
We never had forever, but we pretended to.

onsdag den 8. september 2010

Naturalgeography class

Itching and aching,
burning and seething,
fingers trace unseen wounds.
Smiles felt in darkness, teeth
revealed in malicious contempt.
Hearts and minds losing meaning.
Rationality losing strength.
Weakened resolve and shuddering eyes.
Scribbled nonsens on
clean. white. nothing.

søndag den 29. august 2010

Untitled #2

And in the hour of
despair and darkness
A savior will come.
He will be dark and
He will not know his
And he will fail us all.

torsdag den 15. juli 2010

Mind The Gap

I am Generation Fuck. With the music and the films and the internet, we blunder through everything and nothing, never really doing anything, our footprints barely visible as we destroy and destruct. Our mouths open as we take in the comedic tragedy of our own inaction, and feed on it like it was our favorite pizza. We eat and we drink and we fuck fuck fuck, because Yes.We.Can!
There's no privacy, no sense of propriety ( I don't even know what the word means).
Western civilization is at it's peak. We are superior and we are entitled.
We are Myspace, Facebook, Twitter.
And we love it.

They were Generation Fucked. Old music and old films. Black, white and gold and those were the days.
There's struggle, and there's work if God wills it. Democracy is Greek and Monarchy is European. War is American. Tupperware is Chinese.
Peace is Extra-Terrestrial

torsdag den 27. maj 2010

Drabble #4

Laughter spread out through the room, and echoed across the stone walls. It filled me with a feeling of happiness and dread, all at once. I shuddered, gripping the stone counter, my knuckles turning white as my breath picked up. Cold invisible hands grabbed my body firmly, fingers digging into my shoulders, through flesh and bone, freezing my blood. I know in that moment, like I have known things since I was a little child, that these people, these people that I love, these people that have become my family, they will all die, and I will die with them.

Drabble #3

You once promised me the world. You promised me love and happiness, you promised an entire civilization bowing at my feet. You promised a life by the sea. You promised adoration from the women I served. You promised, you promised…

I was naïve, foolish. But I will never again believe the promises of men. I will let myself die in this dirty bed surrounded by the sounds of strict nuns and orphaned children, and I will die with the wish that our son will never be poisoned by your lies and you die just as ruined as you left me.